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Achieve your goals with our unique outdoor learning experiences


The Adventure Service is a day service for people with additional needs. Our vision statement is “Everybody, regardless of perceived ability and circumstances, should have the opportunity to continue to work towards achieving their potential.”  

As a result, we encourage adventurers to grow in many different aspects through outdoor learning. Outdoor activities are accessible to all and for some, are a better learning environment. Maximizing the space and using the natural environment help us deliver outdoor sessions.  

For instance, during climbing sessions - everyone gains experience as group involvement and communication skills are applied. Encouragement to take one more step or helping with other aspects of climbing, we motivate individuals to improve their fine motor skills, increase stamina and raise fitness levels.  

Finally, we incorporate problem-solving by asking Adventurers to determine what equipment they personally need for the challenge ahead, ensuring they have a suitable meal prepared, waterproofs and safety equipment. 

With repetition and encouragement, the Adventurer’s confidence starts to grow. This not only shows in their outdoor learning experiences but also in themselves as individuals.  

Just like a classroom, Adventurers learn using subjects that interest them – whether through hill walking session and reading a map or via cooking and exploring ingredients. 

Coincidentally, all cooking sessions are carried out via a bushcraft style open fire. This teaches Adventurers a variety of different life skills as well as how to work unaided.  

All skills learned via The Adventure Service Ltd are transferrable – helping individuals become more independent. Cooking on an open fire also provides the opportunity to teach about keeping themselves and others safe.  

Each Adventurer is given targets to work towards, to help achieve personal goals. No matter how big these goals seem initially, over time they slowly become achievable - each day getting closer and closer through unique outdoor learning experiences.