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The Adventure Service Ltd - Vision Statement

The Adventure Service believes that everybody, regardless of perceived ability and circumstances, should have the opportunity to continue to work towards achieving their potential"

Before setting up The Adventure Service, Director Terry Harris-Ellis spent some time working as a Person Centre Transition Worker, giving him a unique insight into what opportunities were available to young people when leaving school.

Terry quickly realised the extremely limited options (other than college) where an individual could continue measured personal development targets... even overhearing one member of staff at a former service state “if they haven’t learned it at school why do they think we can teach them”.  

Astounded that people were being written off and not given the opportunity to learn after leaving school, led Terry and Helen to set up The Adventure Service. This ensured that ALL Adventurers had clearly defined learning plans with measurable goals that were used each time a user attended the service.  

To ensure this happens, each Adventurer has an initial planning meeting to discuss support needs and identify what they would like to learn whilst with The Adventure Service Ltd. These goals are not solely focused on adventurous activity and life skills, but other interests the individual wants to pursue, such as video making.

These goals are then added to a support plan which is used to provide the instructor with targets for each individual. The targets are monitored, recorded and discussed with the Adventurer at the end of the day. Results are collated and reviewed and/or amended every eight weeks.

This ensures that any Adventurer accessing our services is guaranteed a quality learning experience.